Donna Fiske

Donna Fiske
Fiscal and Office Manager
(401) 222-1148

As the Fiscal and Office Manager, Fiske acts as the accountant for the agency. Most importantly, she takes charge of processing payments to grantees. Additionally, she prepares reports on the agency’s financials including ensuring the correct information is used to put together the RISCA budget. She monitors all accounts and oversees office expenditures and management.

For RISCA, the staff relies on Fiske to get payments out the door on a timely basis. It’s important that she stay on top of the financials and keep in touch with related government agencies such as Purchasing.


Donna Fiske has been working for the State of Rhode Island for 23 years. Her first job with the state was in Accounts and Control where she processed payments; had them corrected where needed; approved them; and did pay runs. Additionally, she ran reports and checked state accounts to make sure there was enough money to cover the payment. In 2006, she started her current position at RISCA after successfully applying for the role. For most of her career, Fiske worked in payroll. After graduating from Tolman High School, Pawtucket, she honed her computer and accounting skills at the Computer Education Business Institute in North Providence.