Atrium Gallery at One Capitol Hill

Latest exhibit at the Atrium Gallery

  • Fernando Pezzino, July 12-Sept. 25.

About the Atrium Gallery at One Capitol Hill

Rhode Island State Council on the Arts developed the Atrium Gallery to recognize artists from communities throughout the state. The Atrium Gallery hosts multidisciplinary exhibitions in partnership with diverse artists and cultural organizations. The Gallery features a stunning tall glass ceiling with light that cascades into an open space surrounded by three walls of artwork. This has become a destination point for visitors and the many people who frequent the administration offices at One Capitol Hill, while enriching the environment for hundreds of state workers in the building.

RISCA offers a variety of programs that include Solo Exhibitions, New Visions/New Curators, Atrium Gallery Traveling Exhibits and the International Artist & Cultural Exchange. These programs provide professional development opportunities for artists to curate exhibits, have their artwork travel throughout the state, and promote intercultural connections.

Solo Exhibits display an array of mediums that includes but is not limited to paintings, photography, textiles, and installations each year. The public gallery features emerging and established artists who are interested in exploring and showcasing their creative vision through an exceptional body of work. Selected artists are provided an installation preparatory specialist, promotional brochure or postcard, opening gallery reception, as well as being included in RISCA’s website and newsletter. Previous solo artists have included: Anthony Abu, Kameko Fu’una Branchaud, Reynier Ferrer, Rebecca Flores, Nixon Leger, Cynthia Listens to the Wind Ross Meeks, Ian Mohon, Carlos Ochoa.

New Visions/New Curators encourages the development of new curators and gallery directors from diverse communities. Artists are provided logistical support to curate a show by defining a theme, professionally installing the artwork, and creating marketing materials that promote the exhibit. Previous participants have curated exhibitions in local and regional galleries and museums. This highly successful program has become an incubator for new curators that promotes different viewpoints and voices. Previous curators have included: Kameko Branchaud, Donna Marie Bruton, Jiyoung Chung, Robert Dilworth, Liliana Fijman, Monique Rolle Johnson, Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo, Cynthia Listens to the Wind Ross Meeks, Silaphone Nhongvongsouthy, Pnina Pressburger, Thailet Saengaloun, Angel Beth Smith, Balam Soto, Debbie Spears Moorehead, Dawn Spears, and Loren Spears.

Traveling Exhibits showcase the artwork of diverse artists throughout Rhode Island and New England. Exhibitions usually starts at the Atrium Gallery and travel to different locations including the Attleboro Art Museum, Newport Art Museum, and Warwick Center for the Arts. These intercultural exhibitions provide an opportunity to experience the artwork of diverse artists and represent the connections that can be achieved when we embrace diversity and inclusion.

International Artist and Cultural Exchange includes community workshops, artist presentations, film screenings, panel discussions, and art exhibits. This program brings together inter-cultural art in multi-disciplinary forms at several venues across Rhode Island. Many international artists have been affiliated with this cultural exchange including Afro-Brazilian artist Tiago Gualberto, Cuban abstract visual artist Reynier Ferrer, Dominican fiber artist Julianny Ariza, Ecuadorian artist Illdefonso Franco, and Sri Lankan artists Chaminda Gamage and T.P.G. Amarajeewa. Partnerships have included: AS220 Artist in Residency Program, Attleboro Arts Museum, Brown University Watson Institute Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Gallery Z, Ibero-American Film Festival, Newport Art Museum, Providence Community Library, and Warwick Center for the Arts.

Diversity Exhibits promote intercultural collaborations while play tribute to the diverse artists, mediums, and cultural traditions throughout Rhode Island, they represent a universal form of creative expression that can transcend cultural boundaries. Though the years, over 500 artists have exhibited their artwork in the state-run gallery. The exhibits honor the unifying force of visual creativity and the ALAANA (Africa, Latin American, Arab, Asian, Native American) artists and cultural organization of Rhode Island. These exhibitions often include traditional music and dance performances, making these highly anticipated events.

Asian Art Exhibition recognizes the contributions of both visual and performing artists from China, Cambodia, Korea, Laos, Pakistan, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, and the Hmong community. These exhibits provide opportunities to develop and strengthen relationships within diverse communities, while raising awareness and promoting local Asian artists

Black Art Exhibition showcases incredible works of art from established and emerging artists who express their culture by highlighting their unique stories through a vast array of mediums including photography and painting. Starting from its initiation in 2003, the Black Art Exhibit was a partnership between the Rhode Island Department of Administration Human Resources Outreach and Diversity (HROD) Office and the Rhode Island Black Heritage Society (RIBHS). This collaboration with RIBHS continued for several years, during which the Atrium Gallery attracted and showcased the works of talented artists from the black community. RISCA continues to partner with culturally specific organizations and individual artists, showcasing and celebrating the artistic talents of these communities.

Latin American Art Exhibition showcases the exquisite artwork and cultural diversity that exists among the diverse countries throughout Latin America. Artists are dedicated to preserving and showcasing their culture and heritage though traditional and contemporary artforms. Receptions often include music, dance, and poetry to compliment the exhibit. In 2002, the Latin American Art Exhibit was created in partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Administration Human Resources Outreach and Diversity (HROD) Office.

Native American Art Exhibition holds the distinction of being the first Regional Intertribal state art exhibit in partnership with Native American nonprofit organizations and artists. It is through these artworks that traditions, both old and new, evoke a story of cultural preservation. These exhibitions feature beautifully crafted folk and traditional art pieces, as well as newly created contemporary artwork.

Youth Art Exhibition showcase the work of young artists in the state of Rhode Island in partnership with afterschool programs like AS220 Youth, Riverzedge, RISD Project Open Door, and New Urban Arts with outstanding results. Since 2011, students have participated in the New Visions/New Curators Program where they conceptualize the theme of the exhibit, create the artwork and marketing materials, organize performances for the reception, and proudly put their creations on display.

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