For Grantees

Congratulations on receiving a grant from us!

First Step in accepting your award is to read your Grant Award email thoroughly. The email provides specific directions accepting your award.

Second Step is to log in to our grant portal, read and sign the grant agreement and send it back to us as instructed in the portal.

Third Step requires you to register with Ocean State Procures (OSP) at Ocean State Procures’ online registration where you will become a Vendor with the State of Rhode IslandDuring registration to become a Vendor at OSP, you will be asked to upload your W-9 form

Important: The Agency will not be able to process your grant payment without a signed grant agreement form and processed W-9, through registration in OSP. Once those things have been done, applicants can assume it will take up to 120 days to receive their grant payment. In many cases, grant funds may not be received prior to the start of a project. Applicants should be aware of this possibility and plan accordingly.

As a grantee, you are required to register with Ocean State Procures (OSP) at Ocean State Procures’ online registration where you will become a Vendor with the State of Rhode Island. Ocean State Procures is used by the state for all vendors including any one receiving grant awards from RISCA. Use the Vendor Self-Registration Guide for complete details on how to fully register and create a login to access your secure Vendor Portal. 

Note the 2-step process:

  1. Create Vendor Profile - After completing Vendor Self-Registration Guide “Submit Registration”, your login credentials and the login link will be emailed to you with the subject line: “Welcome to WebProcure!”
  2. Upload W-9 - Once you have registered (including uploading a W-9) and been approved by OSP, we can process your award payment.

Need vendor help? For questions related to OSP registration, contact WebProcure Technical Support at 1-866-889-8533 or

  • Collateral Materials:  You must use our logo in grant-related promotions, marketing materials and announcements for all media including audio and visual. The details, specifications and rules regarding use of our logo, in-house ads and other media can be found at Acknowledging RISCA | RISCA.
  • Required Final Reports: All grantees submit a brief final report to our online grant system no later than July 31 - one month following the grant’s funding period. Not submitting a final report will prohibit you from applying for another RISCA grant.
  • Fiscal Records Retention: Remember to keep all records of receipts and expenditures related to the funding. If requested by us, you should be prepared to make your records available. Grantees are subject to a periodic audit or review by either the State of Rhode Island or us.
    • Note: You must retain fiscal records for a period of seven (7) years following the grant period.
  • Project Modifications: The Arts Agency must approve any major changes to the character of your project prior to the project occurring.
    • Examples include changes in content or theme that no longer fit the spirit of the original application; the comments provided by the panel; and/or the community engaged for the project.   
  • Changes to Your Use of RISCA Funds: The grant must be used exclusively for the purposes specified in the Grant Agreement. Any alternative use of funds needs to be cleared by your grant program director in advance.
  • RISCA’s Policy on Grantee Collateral: We reserve the right to use any submitted materials for promotional purposes. This includes any text, photographs, audio, or video submitted as part of funded grant applications for limited non-commercial educational or promotional use in publications or other media produced, used or contracted by RISCA including, but not limited to brochures, invitations, newsletters, postcards, websites, etc.

Before deciding to decline your grant award due to its size or changing circumstances of your project, we recommend you reach out to the program director for your grant program to see if you can accomplish your project with some modifications.

If you decide to decline your award, it will have no bearing on future grant applications you might submit.

To decline the grant, notify the Program Director for your grant program. Staff list can be found here.

Additional information can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions section.