Through grantmaking, programming, convening, policy-building and education, the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts ensures that arts and culture will play an ever more significant part in the well-being and experience of all Rhode Island residents.


We envision a Rhode Island where arts and culture are valued as an essential part of life, and for their contribution to a thriving state.

Core Values

We believe in the transformative power of arts and culture. All Rhode Islanders benefit from creative expression and a culturally vibrant state. As the agency of state government charged with supporting arts and culture in Rhode Island, RISCA is committed to:

  • Openness: Being respectful, welcoming and inviting to all.
  • Consistency: Behaving intentionally, in a knowledgeable, responsive, engaged, respectful and transparent manner.
  • Dedication: Developing authentic relationships, as a team and with others, built on our passion, humor, kindness and optimism.
  • Through grantmaking, programming, and services, RISCA promotes:
    • Equity and Access: Ensuring the identification and removal of barriers in all contexts, including cultural opportunities, resources and RISCA support for diverse communities throughout Rhode Island.
    • Collaboration: Creating networks of mutual support among individuals, organizations and RISCA to strengthen communities.
    • Economic Value: Honoring the time, skills, talents and excellence of artists and arts administrators through fair compensation.
    • Collective Responsibility: Supporting culturally relevant and responsive art to ensure the health and well-being of the arts and cultural ecosystem, beginning with arts education.
    • Artistic Expression: Protecting freedom of artistic expression in Rhode Island.
    • Leadership Development: Fostering diverse arts and cultural leaders in, from and for Rhode Island.